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Answers to our most common questions

What is included in the base building?

Each 6300 ft2 unit in our facility is designed for craft cannabis cultivators to operate at the maximum permittable capacity under a Health Canada micro cultivation license. CWDC offers a system design that has years of tested and proven maximum yield, but each tenant is given the opportunity to design their system to their preference.

Each unit has the fundamental space to accommodate every process:

  • Flower Room
  • Trim Room
  • Packaging Room
  • Sanitation & Destruction Area
  • Fergitation Room
  • Dry Room
  • Clean shipping area
  • Lunch Room & Washroom

When will the cultivation units be available to rent?

We currently have several locations in development across the country. We anticipate accepting applications and security deposits in early 2020.


What are the advantages of EU GMP?

Building and operating to EU GMP standards permits craft cannabis cultivators to export to European and global markets if a cannabis export permit is also obtained from Health Canada.

Note that EU GMP standards exceed the GPP standards that are currently required to operate in Canada alone.


Do you offer consulting services on Micro Cultivation licenses for your facilities?

CWDC employs trusted and proven consultation experts in cannabis cultivation licensing. These proven consultation experts are experienced in submitting all types of licenses to meet all Health Canada requirements. The cost of the micro cultivation licenses starts at $40,000. However, if you have already prepared specific documents (SOPs, Security Plans, GPP, etc.) these can be reviewed to ensure they meet applications threshold requirements. Once the licensing specialist confirms that the documents meet Health Canada and CRA requirements, a discounted price can be discussed.


How long will it take to get the application approved? And what kind of delays might we expect?

At this time, we cannot guarantee the timeframe for the approval of your application.  Health Canada is currently not providing any expected completion dates. However, our consultation experts will ensure that all Health Canada requirements are met prior to submission to avoid any preventable delays. We advise those seeking micro cannabis cultivations licenses to be wary of companies or individuals promising or guaranteeing misleading quick turn arounds for applications.

Note that CWDC tenants will receive a refund equal to the cost of their micro cannabis production license application by way of discounted rent in year one.


Does your fee include negotiating with the municipalities to get approval, sending notices, etc.? 

Our fee does include correspondence with municipalities, including notification of local government, fire and police.


Can setup costs be financed?

We do not provide financing to have your cultivation unit set up.

However, CWDC is currently developing relationships with local financial institutions, and we anticipate standard business loans will eventually become available.

Note all monies paid to CWDC for licensing will be reimbursed to tenants in equal payments over the first twelve months of operations.

Please contact us if you have any further questions or require additional information.